Face Mask will be distributed to all residents upon request either by the Town Clerk or Town supervisor.  Supplied by Oneida County.

Town of Augusta, Oneida County, New York State Sunday March 22, 2020 @ 7:00 a.m., I Suzanne M Collins declare the Town is under a State of Emergency. Based on the emerging covid - 19 virus and the damage that could ensue from it.

Daily I have been receiving information from the Federal, State and County, I have taken a wait and see approach, but as the number of c,ases has grown in our county, in just a few days, I feel this is the time.

At this time there will be no April meetings for the Planning & Zoning Boards. The Codes Department will conduct no interior inspections unless there is a dangerous situation effecting public health and safety. Town Employees may work from their office, but no public is to be allowed in any town office. Currently we are following the 50/50 staff ratio to be on site, for the Highway Department. The Highway Department is considered an essential service. We are additionally limiting the staff in the building at one time, with road work this should not be an issue.

The Town receives slightly under $300,000.00 in sales tax, with the public in a shelter in place order and everything closed, this will severely impact our income for the year. With the casino's closed so will out gaming income be impacted. We also use our sales tax to pay for road work, which must be paid for before we can obtain our CHIPS funding, which may or may not be coming to us at all at this time. I am asking all Departments to make emergency only purchasing at this time. As the futfuture is certainly unclear for us.

There is some discussion that FEMA may step into play, for that reason, I am covering all the bases, to ensure we would be in line for any available funding.

If you have any questions please contact me. I will be continuing to monitor this situation and you will be updated on changes.

COVID - 19 help number for the county is 315-798-5431

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